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What jobs will hire a sex offender

I have a friend who is really beaten down about his situation - it is a very unfair thing (he was convicted a sex crime he didn't really commit, but now it's on his record and he must register)

He is INSANELY talented, wanted to be a doctor, teacher, physical therapist, coach...he could do literally anything, but now he is extremely limited as far what jobs he can do.

He shouldn't have to be forced to work a minimum wage job - he is over qualified for most jobs of that nature. so PLEASE can someone help me out??

Keep in mind JUST because a place says they hire felons, does not mean they hire sex offenders.
Please don't suggest McDonalds or any fast food. answers like that are not helpful.

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I have been helping ex-offenders and felons get jobs for many years and in my experience, sex offenders are more like likely to get hired in the following areas:
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Dont waste your time with websites like listed, or "agencies" I have alot of felonies that are all over 10 years old. Unless your a sex offender, you can get a job ...
September 2012: Abstract: We examined the role of dehumanization in people's attitudes toward the rehabilitation of sex offenders. In Study 1, the more participants ...