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What do I do when someone has filed fraud taxes in my name

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This just happened to me and I was looking around for some information. I found this article that covers just about everything that the IRS recommends that you to do.
What can I do if I think someone has filed a tax return using my social security number? Do three things: One, file an identity theft report with your local police.
Someone used my social security number and name and filed for a refund how long will it take before i receive my refund. Irs asked for w2`s, social security number ...
If someone has filed a tax return using your social security number, the IRS will reject your tax return. Normally this is not a cause for alarm a..., Terry Featherstone
I received notice 4883c from the irs. i filed my taxes a month ago and am still waiting for my return. how long after i reply to this letter will i ge
I'm job hunting and recently interviewed for a position with a small, specialty food business that appears to be completely legitimate. (It is listed as an LLC; I'm ...
thill721; 5:12 pm PST January 31, 2013; I filed my taxes, but it is still pending. I put education on there. Since it has not been accepted, can I take it off even ...
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